Your vision of the perfect Cheshire wedding day – selecting a theme

Distilling a vision of the perfect wedding day is the first step for many brides. Whether that turns out to be bohemian, vintage or whimsical – it’s important to work out exactly what you want so that your venue, florist, caterer and DJ are on the same page and can deliver on your dream.

However, with so much to consider and choose from it’s all too easy to get off track. So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the current on-trend themes.

Sustainable weddings

Eco-friendly – plastic-free, organic, vegetarian and vegan are set to be an integral part of many weddings going forward. After all, as much as a big wedding celebration is exciting, it’s also pretty wasteful. Between the travel to get everyone in one place, the potential food waste from the meal and optional extras such as wedding favours that come in plastic wrapping, they’re not exactly environmentally friendly. However, that really doesn’t have to be the case. Think about every element and consider how you can make that eco-friendly. For example, choose to get married locally rather than opt of a destination wedding as that way you’re cutting down on your carbon footprint. Avoid plastic, limit stationary and go recycled.

Bohemian weddings

Bohemian style has a way of looking chic, with minimal effort. The décor is understated but eye-catching and the colour scheme is usually based on colours found out in the garden. It’s an intentionally uncoordinated look with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, bouquets that are wispy and wild and cakes that are unfrosted and covered in flowers.

Traditional weddings

This type of wedding is usually on the formal side – champagne cocktail hour, wedding breakfast, top tables, seating plans, speeches and classic wedding décor.


DIY weddings

A lot of effort tends to go into a DIY wedding as there’s personalisation in every detail. Whether that’s handmade decorations, monogrammed invitations, hand-tied bouquets or handwritten place cards – a couple’s style and personality can really shine through.

Natural Weddings

The theme of a natural wedding tends to focus on natural elements like florals and farm-to-table food. Colours tend to combine whites or ivories with dark green. Tables settings tend to be wood-based and tablecloths swapped for runners covered in flowers. The theme also incorporates eco-friendly elements such as menus printed on recycled paper or packets of seeds as wedding favours.

Vintage weddings

This ‘of-another-time’ theme alludes antiques and Victorian detail. In place of a tablecloth, tables instead might be draped with delicate layers of lace. Old furniture makes a great statement, so a lounge area with old armchairs will create the right ambience.

Whimsical weddings

Think of the whimsical wedding theme as a mix of natural and bohemian. It tends to be a little more storybook – garden party meets Alice in Wonderland. Elements include quirky tableware, mismatched bridal dresses and lots of bold amazing flowers.

Weddings at Dunham Forest Golf & CC

Whatever your theme, our expert wedding planners will ensure your vision is realised. From the moment your guests arrive to the moment they leave, we will ensure that every detail of your special day is perfectly arranged and expertly coordinated.

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