Wedding photography – why go professional?

Do you really need to book expensive wedding photography?

With the reported price tag of good wedding photography in the UK starting from £1500, the cost works out to be about a 10th of the overall money spent on getting married. With this in mind, many couples have opted to leave professional photography out altogether. However, they have regretted it later!

In order to save money, you might be tempted to rely on family and friends to take both posed and candid shots or opt for a photo booth for your guests to take their own fun snaps during the day. But, after the celebration is over, imagine how satisfied will you be with these non-professional results from your possibly tipsy invitees?

With your special day likely to be over before you know it, the photos will be your permanent visual record. Are you prepared to run the risk of the crucially important moments being half-captured or missed altogether?

The advantages of booking professional wedding photography.

  • All your special moments would be beautifully captured.
  • Unexpected moments would be turned into creative photo opportunities.
  • Everyone would be kept happy with excellent communication.
  • Your amazing memories would be preserved in a professionally edited album.

There are several advantages to booking the best wedding photographer you can afford. The most important one would be that your photos are composed, executed and developed with both expertise and creativity. This means that the moments that are preserved for posterity in your photo album are the very best they can be.

Another advantage is that you want you and your guests captured in all your finery, looking your best regardless of the surroundings, light or the weather. The best photographers plan for the unexpected and can turn everything from bright sunshine to storms to their advantage.

Whether your wedding is large or small, the photography can be time-consuming. The best photographers are talented communicators who can get the most out of their subjects regardless of their age and background, and without keeping everyone hanging around for too long.

How to choose a quality photographer for your wedding.

Choosing a photographer can be tricky but there are some simple rules of thumb you can follow:

  • research wedding photographers online and read their reviews
  • ask friends, family or your venue for their recommendations
  • choose a photographer with a strong portfolio of work
  • choose someone who you get on well with

An extraordinary amount of information is available via the Internet, which makes it extremely easy to do your research and read reviews. Ask your friends and family for their recommendations and create a shortlist of possible candidates before meeting with each of them.

Choose someone whose work you like and who you get on well with. This is important as another common complaint from couples is selecting a photographer who didn’t really get what was being asked or expected. As you can’t go back and do the photos again, you want to make sure you avoid being disappointed and book someone who is clear about the required end result.

Your photographer doesn’t have to be the most expensive available. However, regardless of their price list, don’t be afraid to ask them to justify their charges. As most of the photographic work is done after the wedding itself, ask your photographer how long they take on the edit and how much of their pricing covers expenses.

Discuss your wedding photography requirements at your chosen venue.

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, the advice would be to meet with them at least a couple of times before the wedding. One of the meetings should be at the venue itself so you can discuss different shots for your album and decide on any alternatives should the weather be inclement.

Here at Dunham Forest Golf & CC we can offer you the naturally beautiful surroundings of Cheshire’s countryside to form the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. After arriving in style by limousine or helicopter, we can offer well-manicured lawns and gardens as the setting for your ‘before’ shots. The clubhouse offers a classically sophisticated inner environment for your during-the-ceremony photos and wedding breakfast shots.

To book an appointment to view our location or to discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact or or call us on 0161 928 2605.