Wedding packages that exceed expectations.

Finding a wedding package to fulfil your dreams whatever your budget.

The costs involved in getting married are always a huge consideration. Every couple getting married will have two things in mind: their vision and their budget. Concerns about your budget meeting your requirements can be overcome by considering either ready-made or tailor-made wedding packages.

Is a wedding package right for you?

Some couples may have already discounted going for a wedding package because they assume they will be limited to someone else’s idea of what should be included. It’s true that most venues offer fixed packages but they aren’t the only option. If you want flexibility without losing value for money, take a look at the bespoke wedding package design services many places offer.

Other couples may avoid the all-in-one option because it sounds expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With packages, you are obviously paying for a number of wedding essentials all together, but this actually contributes to keeping you within budget. You have total control over that figure and, very often, your chosen wedding venue will be able to get better deals on expensive items, such as champagne, than if you were to buy everything separately.

Wedding packages are available to suit every pocket, which means they only exceed your expectations rather than your budget.

How do wedding packages work?

Wedding packages offer an all-in-one service designed specifically to ensure the success of your nuptials and work in two ways.

The first is the done-for-you option that your chosen venue has designed. The difference between them is determined by price, which is related to what is included. There is usually a choice of food and drink for the wedding breakfast and evening buffet from pre-determined selections offered by your venue.

The second is the bespoke option where you discuss your individual requirements with your venue. This option is perfect for those who have a more lavish affair in mind, but it is also just as perfect for anyone who wants to keep an eye on the costs.

Wedding packages – what’s normally included?

All venues differ but generally you can expect:

  • welcome drink for your guests on arrival
  • a room for the ceremony
  • drinks reception
  • a wedding breakfast / evening buffet
  • a room for an evening reception
  • the provision of music and dancing entertainment

With a bespoke package you have the option to exclude any of these elements or include others of your own choosing.

How to save money on wedding packages.

There are 4 main ways to save money when choosing a wedding package. These are:

  • Booking as far in advance as time will allow.
  • Choosing the time of year.
  • Including as much or as little in the celebration as you wish.
  • Choosing drink, menu and entertainment options carefully.

The further ahead you can book, the better. If your chosen wedding date is more than a year in advance, you could take advantage of special offers relating to ‘early-bird’ bookings. The prices could be higher the closer you are to your date.

Even the time of year you choose can be more or less costly. Obviously, demand is high in spring and summer and pricing reflects this. If you want to save, consider a winter wedding when venues are quieter and eager to accommodate.

Choose a venue that is willing to be flexible with the packages they offer. Excluding what you don’t want or making substitutions, such as sparkling wine instead of champagne or bowl food instead of a 3 course meal, can not only help you put your own twist on your day but make it more affordable too.

Wedding packages from Dunham Forest Golf and Country Club.

DFG&CC has successfully hosted many wonderful weddings. Our experience has helped us to create a varied range of popular wedding packages. However, we go even further as we can also offer a tailored service to suit your budget, whether that means pushing the boat out or keeping it small.

As one of Cheshire’s best wedding venues, we pride ourselves on our levels of flexibility and value for money our packages represent.

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