What does your choice of Cheshire wedding venue say about you?

Looking for the perfect wedding location for your dream day?

Your choice of wedding venue sets the tone for your entire day, whether it’s a country club setting or a city hotel.

When planning your wedding you face making masses of decisions, but of all of these, the venue is one of the most important. So, what does your choice of location tell your guests about you?

  • A Country Club wedding.

A bride/groom who chooses a country club as a wedding venue shows a person who knows what they want. This type of venue is out of the ordinary and shows people they are classic and refined with food choices that will be as tasteful as the setting.

  • An outdoor wedding.

A bride/groom who chooses an outdoor venue shows they are a true nature lover and have a love of fresh air and open spaces. This choice of wedding venue expresses a sense of style that may be classic or romantic with an appreciation of more natural settings.

  • A beach wedding.

A bride/groom who chooses a beach location shows they are a truly laid-back type of person. This choice of wedding venue says relaxed and easy-going.

  • A rural wedding.

A bride/groom who chooses a rural location for their wedding shows a love of the great outdoors and joy in visiting the countryside.

  • A hotel wedding

A bride/groom who chooses a hotel venue shows that they know how to take care of themselves and that they like to take care of their guests too.

  • A castle wedding.

A bride/groom who chooses a castle location is telling guests that they are sophisticated and like to surprise. It shows guests they appreciate elegance as well as individuality.

Dunham Forest Golf and Country Club Weddings.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC is a luxury Cheshire wedding venue set in beautiful countryside just 15 miles from Manchester.

Our experienced team of wedding planners are here to help you create your perfect day and will ensure you and your guests experience a day to remember.

For country club wedding enquiries please contact us on 0161 928 2605 or email kate@dunhamforest.com and arrange a time to meet our team.