Help with writing meaningful wedding day vows.

Creating warm and heartfelt promises to exchange during your marriage ceremony.

The promises you and your intended make on your wedding day are meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, the words you both choose to say are important as they will convey the depth of your commitment to each other. However, even when you are certain how you feel, putting it into words and saying it out loud in front of other people can be overwhelming.

Rather than feeling stuck and staring at a blank page, we’ve put some ideas together to help get you started.

Researching and borrowing from marriage vows that have already been made.

Start gathering ideas by researching marriage vows other people have made. Take note of the ones that resonate strongly with how you feel and what you want to say. Once you’ve done that, you may want to talk with your intended about your respective ideas. Regardless of whether you are writing your vows individually or together, ask yourselves – what you most want to express?

Broadening your search for inspiration.

The inspiration for your marriage vows can come from anywhere. You can draw on lyrics from songs, lines from poetry, words written thousands of years ago in spiritual texts or quotes from your favourite books, films and television series. Remember, it’s not so much the words but the feeling behind them. Use whatever resonates with you to communicate your love and the promises you want to make.

Other helpful hints for writing your marriage vows.

Write vows that are personal to you. The most important people at your wedding are the two of you. Therefore, the vows you choose and the way you choose to say them is personal to you and a reflection of who you are. While other advice might suggest you bear in mind how your guests might view the promises you make, our advice would be not to worry about what others may or may not be thinking. They are there to witness and celebrate your marriage, not to critique your vows.

Allow yourself enough time to write them.  When people don’t know where to start, they can leave writing their vows until the last minute. The last thing you want after your ceremony is to wish you’d said something different that expressed your feelings fully and honestly. Start early, make lots of notes and edit them down until you’re happy with the content.

Be clear and concise. The most powerful vows are the ones that are clear, genuine and simply put. Say what you mean but avoid over-complication. Once you have your vows, leave them to one side for one or two days, or even a week, before coming back to revise them. Make any adjustments you need to until you’re satisfied with the final version.

Practice makes perfect. If you’ve never done it before, speaking out loud in front of even a handful of people can be nerve-racking. You might feel silly but practicing in front of a mirror really does help. You could also practice with a trusted friend. The more familiar you are with your text, the smoother the ceremony will be on the day.

Asking for help with writing your marriage vows.

If you find yourself completely stuck and can’t think of anything to write, don’t worry. You may think it’s a surprising source but your wedding venue may be able to help.

As we’ve successfully hosted many weddings of all types, there’s nothing we haven’t been asked before. Our team is extremely resourceful and can put you in contact with every kind of wedding supplier, including professional writers. If you are feeling stressed about writing them yourself, seeking this level of assistance can help to translate your feelings into meaningful and heartfelt vows for your marriage ceremony.

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