Turn your vision of a romantic wedding into reality.

Taking the first steps to creating the romantic wedding of your dreams.

When you picture your ideal romantic wedding – what images are conjured in your mind?

Almost every bride-to-be, has had a vision of what their wedding should look like. While everyone’s ideas of ‘romantic’ is different, what every wedding has in common is the declaration of love two people feel for each other.

Taking the first steps to celebrating those feelings with the perfect occasion starts with sharing your ideas with each other. Below are a few questions to help you along the path.

What does ‘romantic wedding’ mean to you?

When thinking about your wedding, the ‘romantic’ element could be to do with the location. You could be imagining surroundings that are idyllically picturesque; a beautiful landscape that forms the backdrop to the occasion. With whatever springs to mind, the location plays an important role in creating the ideal setting for your photos and videos of the occasion.

The venue you choose could be romantic because it’s special to you both or because it creates the perfect ambience. It could have historical or sentimental significance, or it could simply be a location that appeals to you because it’s:

  • exclusively dedicated to just your wedding on your chosen date
  • flexible with the ability to create an intimate atmosphere regardless of numbers
  • experienced in catering to your requirements.

What are romantic wedding essentials?

Other essentials that form a part of your romantic wedding may include how you both dress. You could choose a theme, which then extends to your guests, food, drink, the cake you choose, music and entertainment and even your mode of transport.

Your wedding could be made romantic by the simple inclusion of a dedicated space for your loved ones who can’t be there but you want to remember.  This could be with photos or items that have special meaning. Or your idea of romantic could be to delight your partner or invitees with a special surprise.

Is there a simple way of realising your romantic wedding vision?

Turning your wedding vision into a reality is easy with the assistance of our staff here at Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club. As one of the top wedding venues in Cheshire, not only can we offer grounds of outstanding natural beauty in which to host your wedding, but also:

  • a stylish clubhouse for your ceremony and reception
  • flexible space to accommodate romantic weddings whether intimate or grand
  • individually tailored wedding packages to suit your budget

When it comes to the planning and preparation of your romantic wedding, our team here at DFG&CC is highly professional and knowledgeable.  We go the extra mile to remove the pressure from you and your family in the lead up to the wedding by looking after all of the little details and giving you exclusive use of our venue on the day.

Throughout your special day you can relax knowing that your romantic wedding dream is safe in our hands.

To discuss your requirements or for further information on the packages we offer, contact us on 0161 928 2605 or email mike@dunhamforest.com.