Think out of the wedding entertainment box

Wedding receptions with personalised pizzazz.

Wedding receptions are not what they used to be – and that’s likely a good thing! Many couples today are going beyond the usual ‘dine and disco’ formula and are taking the time instead to make the party extra-special with the inclusion of wedding entertainment that really reflects their personalities.

This can be done in a number of ways that tend to fall into three categories: food and drink, games and activities and music and dancing. We’ve put together three groups of ideas for you to spark your imaginations and help you think beyond the wedding entertainment box.

Making the food and drink part of your wedding entertainment.

A reception traditionally includes a wedding breakfast, which marks the first meal the bride and groom eat together as a married couple. This is normally a three course meal where your guests sit down to eat. However, you don’t have to stick to this if it doesn’t feel right for you. Kate Winslet booked sausage and mash for her wedding breakfast and Harry and Meghan, of course, made the controversial decision to have ‘bowl food’. The decision is entirely yours but, if you’re wondering how to put your own stamp on the food, here are just a few ideas that we can easily arrange for you here at Dunham Forest Golf & CC:

  • picnics
  • afternoon tea
  • street food – Asian, Latin American, African or European
  • traditional English pub grub
  • chocolate fountain
  • ice-cream van
  • cake/sweet stall with retro sweet treats
  • prosecco bar
  • craft gins, vodkas and/or whiskey or craft beer
  • summer bbq

Keep them entertained with wedding games and activities.

Help your guests to get to know each other by doing something a little different to keep them entertained. If your wedding has a theme, you may have asked everyone to dress-up, so you would definitely want to think about snapping everyone in their outfits with a photo booth. Depending on how amenable your venue is, you could also dress one of the reception rooms in line with the theme and have a professional take photos or instant Polaroid pictures.  Some other ideas include having:

  • arts & crafts
  • a magician
  • a comedian
  • karaoke
  • table trivia
  • an awards ceremony – where all your guests win an award
  • childhood games like pass the parcel and pin the tail
  • mini ‘It’s A Knockout’ with guests split into teams and pitted against each other

You could also combine some popular talent shows and have a ‘This Wedding’s Got The Strictly X Factor’ with guests as the stars. Of course, if you’re planning to have your wedding with us here at Dunham Forest Golf & CC, there’s always keeping your guests entertained with our spectacular golf facilities.

These types of activities can be surprising, interesting and fun for your guests and all add to make the day memorable for them as well as the both of you.

Featuring the music and dancing as your wedding entertainment.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you love Bollywood and Bhangra, go for it. You don’t have to be Gaelic to whoop and whirl at a Ceilidh or be from South America to enjoy a tango. What music do you love to listen to? Is there a style of dance both you and your intended love? Here are some other ideas to get your imaginations going:

  • limbo
  • ballroom
  • musicals theme
  • string quartet
  • barbershop quartet
  • mariachi band
  • New Zealand haka
  • choir
  • one or more of you learning a choreographed song and dance routine

These ideas might have given you something to think about but you don’t have to do something different just for the sake of it. Choosing a good old disco may be perfect for you both so don’t feel pressured into pleasing other people. It’s your day to be celebrated in the way you want but if you’d like some help, our wedding’s team is on hand to help.

We will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and help with suggestions. As one of Cheshire’s top wedding venues, we’re experienced in hosting all kinds of weddings and would be delighted to help you plan and host yours.

You can contact us by emailing or or by calling 0161 928 2605.