The health & fitness suite at Dunham Forest golf & country club

Introducing our new Health & Fitness Suite located in our Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club grounds.

James Thompson 

Who is James Thompson?


Let me start by saying, it is great to be attached to this wonderful golf club , and I hope to see lots of you around the place and even better in the fitness studio, helping you with your games, your everyday movements and well being.

A quick insight to my history and as to why I have ended up here at Dunham. I left professional football at the early age of twenty-two and became involved in the fitness game. Instantly, I fell in love with it and even more. involved in sports related fitness so I decided to pursue studies in sports science at night school. Initially my strength and conditioning path was very much with rugby and football, until I happened to randomly begin work with a South African golfer who was very much struggling with back problems. Instantly I was hooked ; the game , the biomechanics, all the different styles and types. I took my TPI courses and further improved my knowledge in the game of golf.

On my path I have worked with the worlds best coaches , trainers and physios whilst spending years on the European Tour . I have worked with tour winners such as Simon Dyson , Carly Booth , Andrew Murray and Tom Murray. I have players from all professional tours, to club pros, keen amateurs and the guys fighting on the monthly medal looking for any improvements they can find.

I am now a Dad of two young children and my place is very much at home in UK at this friendly and ambitious golf club. I cannot wait to meet you all and offer my support and advice whenever needed.

Session costs 

Screening and assessment – £35
1 hour training session – £60
DFGC price £500 – 10 lessons
PGA price £400 – 10 lessons


Dan Turnell 

Who is Dan Turnell? 



I initially gained an undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Science, before completing a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. My professional journey started in private physiotherapy practice before moving into the NHS. I then spent 5 years working for a physio practice on Harley Street, London, working with leading professionals in Ballet, West End Theatre, Pop, Opera, On Screen Acting and Musicians of all genres, before opening my first clinic in Manchester in 2018.

I endeavoured to utilise my knowledge in Sport & Exercise Science, Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy, that has been developed through education and experience over several years in elite and amateur sport, working within representative sport from Rugby Union, Football and Golf, while based on London’s Harley Street. I set up my own clinic in Manchester in 2018, continuing to help a mix of professional and amateur sports people and performers, while developing links with local fitness professionals and specialist consultants.


Sports physio

General sports physio for muscular, joint, or ligamentous problems that may be either acute or chronic in nature. Using knowledge of human movement and anatomy to provide expert progressive exercise and advice to help with rehabilitation.


I am a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) registered practitioner in the assessment and treatment of golf based injuries, able to use my knowledge of the movements required in golf to rehabilitate any injury you may have developed. If required we can then ensure effective communication with both golf coaches and fitness professionals to continue to ensure development and reduce the potential further injury risk.

Performing arts

I have specialist knowledge in the treatment of performing artists, having previously worked with companies including Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, West End and touring hits such as Wicked, Mary Poppins, Kinky Boots and Matilda, alongside students from the Royal Northern College of Music and professionals from The Halle and The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, providing an unrivalled knowledge for dancers & musicians.

Pre and/or Post operative rehabilitation

When undergoing an elective operative procedure it can help to improve recovery times by commencing an effective pre-operation exercise plan. Following orthopaedic surgery, it is key to undertake an effective structure and progressive rehabilitation program, to restore function as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

Jaw Pain

Using specialist knowledge of the jaw and an understanding of how pain can occur, I am able to utilise best practice treatments and advice to help improve any symptoms such as pain, tension or restriction that may impact on chewing, talking or even at rest.

Vocal disorders

I am also the premier clinic for laryngeal manual therapy clinic in the North of England. Working with a range of classical and contemporary singers, actors and other heavy voice users such as teachers, salespeople or barristers to name but a few professions. This is utilised in the treatment of conditions such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia that can present as vocal pain, hoarseness, fatigue of the voice, loss of range or vocal quality.


As a trained Pilates instructor I can offer tailored Pilates sessions to help to improve general fitness and health or as part of a wider rehabilitation plan for conditions such as lower back or neck pain that may not be responding or improving to other more conventional forms of exercise.

What previous clients have said

“After struggling with my knee for a few months, Dan popped round to make an assessment. He was clear, thoughtful, understood my lifestyle and my desire to get moving.  He provided advice, guidance and hands on treatment that helped deal with the swelling and pain.  I have recommended him to my son and you only do that when you trust someone to make a difference. Thank you Dan.” Clare Hayward, Company Director Cirrus

“Daniel has a real ability to understand his clients needs, implement the most powerful and integrative treatments. Superb in communication and application, he makes the real and lasting difference for successful recovery and physical development. With specific and varying needs, I always come away feeling empowered and reinvigorated.”RikMakarem, Professional Actor

“An actress friend recommended Dan to me. As I needed a vocal massage. I was on tour and my voice was getting tired. I didn’t think I would find someone in Manchester but then my friend told me about Dan! He was amazing. A really nice guy, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed and he was so good! My voice felt so much better the next day. After that I saw him weekly, not just for my voice but for all the injuries I was sustaining on tour! He fixed my neck, back and calf! And I can’t thank him enough!” Hayley Tamaddon, Professional Actor

“Dan is an extraordinarily effective physio who has helped me immediately with various joint and muscle problems over the last year and a half. In addition to the treatment he clearly explains the cause of the problems and gives exercises focusing on prevention of reoccurrence and strengthening of the area involved. I feel in great shape thanks to the treatment, core exercises and the inspiration he has given me to get back to running and exercising.” A. Zuntz, ProfessionalMusician

I’ve had the pleasure of being treated by Dan on two separate jobs, where he looked after my feet and voice. In only a few sessions I regained total mobility in my feet in a physically intensive show, and more recently have been making use of his vocal massage skills for a vocally demanding role. Dan has an amazing way of finding the crux of the issue and will resolve it with ease, reassurance and expertise. I would recommend Dan to anyone!” Jed Berry, Musical theatre actor

Session Costs

Assessment/Treatment 30 mins £40

Assessment/Treatment 60 mins £70

Vocal assessment/treatment 30 mins £40

Vocal assessment/treatment 60 mins £70 

Sports massage 30 mins £40

Sports massage 60 mins £70

1-1 Pilates £40 per hour

1-1 Pilates x10 1 hour sessions £325

Functional assessment £70


Sarah Wilkins 

Who is Sarah Wilkins?


I am a holistic bodywork therapist with over 20 years’ experience, working with a variety of Massage Therapies, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy and ScarWork.  I am passionate beyond words about touch therapies and fascinated by the growing body of scientific evidence that begins to explain in more tangible terms much of the intuitive and mysterious ancient wisdom about the mind-body connection and our connection with the rhythms of the natural world. 

Since first qualifying in Swedish Massage in 2000, I have worked with private clients from home treatment rooms in both Manchester and Barcelona.  Alongside my private practice, at different times, I have worked in a variety of corporate and healthcare organisations, having most recently spent 10 years working in a specialist cancer care environment with The Complementary Therapy Team at The Christie.  In addition to my clinical role there, I have had the privilege to be involved in running courses for the team’s Integrative Therapies Training Unit as well as co-facilitating their series of ‘Adapting for hospice and cancer care’ massage and reflexology courses.   

I invest heavily in both personal and professional development, and whilst bodywork continues to be my primary passion, I firmly believe that my continued learning in the fields of communication skills and hypnotherapy serve to enhance the potency of all touch-based sessions. 

I have current professional and public liability insurance which covers every aspect of my practice as well as a current Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certification.  

On a personal note, I like to think that I’m friendly and approachable (and occasionally funny… ), but more importantly I’m available to have a chat about how any of the individual therapies may benefit you, and to answer any questions you may have before you book in.  

What are Holistic Therapies?

Healing is something the body does for itself. When you are ill or injured, the body responds, as it is designed to, and does what it can to repair itself.

Holistic Therapies as the name suggests apply a whole-body approach to health and wellbeing, combining wisdom from ancient cultures, from a time when there was a greater understanding of the natural rhythms of the world, with the most recent scientific understanding of the body, to trigger responses in the body that stimulate and support the innate self-healing mechanisms, and can help to return the body, mind, heart and soul to a balanced, healthy state of being.

They are not a ‘quick fix’ or a cure where allopathic medicine may have failed, but most helpful when perceived as an external trigger that works within the context of our life story to support the release of tension and trauma, unblocking pathways that can allow for profound and sustained change.


Reflexology is an acupressure therapy with origins in many ancient cultures which sees ‘reflex’ points relating to the entire body mapped out on the feet and hands. Applying pressure to these ‘reflexes’ triggers a response in the body that is balancing in nature, and will either stimulate or soothe the area, organ or system being worked, as required to achieve the optimal state of equilibrium.

Whilst simply working with what the feet present in any given moment, I do have a strong orientation towards the nervous and endocrine systems finding that so many issues have their roots here. Craniosacral Therapy also strongly informs the way I sense and relate to the body through the feet which has a definite impact on each treatment, as do the principles and practice of The Metamorphic Technique®.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing, and treatments usually include some gentle massage and manipulation to release the bony structures of the feet. It is suitable for anyone and it’s possible to work completely on the hands where treatment of the feet is contraindicated.

Structural massage tends to sit in the mid-to-deep range and might be what you’re looking for if you’re drawn towards sports, remedial and deep tissue styles of massage. It’s all about mulching those muscles and can be fast and energising, or slower for a more restful experience. The movements can feel short and fiery, often with some rocking, stretching and vibration thrown in.

Nurturing massage is all about long flowing strokes and rhythmic movement that soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and feeds the soul. Usually in the mid-depth and speed range, this style is a little less demanding of the body and the perfect antidote to a busy stressful life. Also suitable during pregnancy and for older bodies with health issues, this is the epitome of TLC.

Connecting massage is deep and slow. This massage lends itself well to the back of the body, using body weight to gently compress the soft tissues layer by layer, connecting with the deepest elements of body and mind, before lifting the weight, equally slowly, to replenish the tissues with a flood of oxygen from the deepest breath. The rhythmic effect of compression and release is deeply hypnotic and rejuvenating. This style of massage can leave you feeling grounded and centred, with a strong sense of self-connection.

Featherlight & Stillness massage is, as the name suggests, the lightest, slowest, most delicate touch. It can be done with or without oil, directly on the skin, or through a light cotton sheet if preferred. Connecting with the very outer layers of the body with the lightest weight of hand and resting in moments of stillness, this type of massage is suitable during times of illness when the body is at its most vulnerable and depleted of the energy needed to heal. Slow, featherlight strokes work with sensory touch receptors in the skin to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind.

Colon Massage is surprisingly gentle and relaxing for such a deep and stimulating treatment of the abdomen and digestive system, that is all about improving the health and function of a sluggish or problematic lower bowel. The massage stimulates the muscles of the colon wall, revitalising the area and encouraging the return of healthy peristaltic action. Over a course of 4-6 treatments, painful symptoms can disappear, more regular movements can return and energy levels increase as the absorption of vital nutrients becomes more efficient.

For optimal results I recommend combining the colon massage with reflexology. Working on the areas of the feet that relate to the digestive system will support and enhance the massage itself, whilst work on the areas that relate to the nervous system will integrate changes in the digestive system in balance with the body as a whole.

Massage Therapy with a hot stone bed

For some treatments it will be possible to include a bed of hot stones under the erector spinae and trapezius muscles of the back and shoulders. This feels fantastic and is a fabulous way to pour comforting and therapeutic heat into these commonly tired and aching muscle groups whether they are the focus of the massage or not.

Foot massage for example is the perfect companion, improving flexibility and movement of the feet whilst the heat seeps in. Alternatively, a facial pressure point massage with origins in Ayurvedic Medicine will relieve congestion in the sinuses whilst easing tension and holding in the jaw and face, also supporting lymphatic action in the face and neck, and including a scalp massage that can be done with a hot oil hair treatment on request.

Chocolate Massage*

In place of my regular blend of massage oil, a decadent mix of the purest cacao, coconut and almond oils and sweet orange essential oil is used to revitalise and replenish the skin. Pure cacao is known to stimulate the release of endorphins, which can relieve stress and pain, and produce gentle feelings of euphoria. Cacao also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and is full of many of the vitamins and minerals necessary for strong hair and nails, healthy skin, and healthy functioning of the liver and pancreas. (*Nurturing massage only)

Session costs 

50 mins £45

70 mins £60

90 mins £75