Dunham Forest Golf & CC – the perfect team building venue.

Motivate your employees with a golf day in scenic Cheshire.

You have recruited the best people for your business and they work very hard. Their everyday tasks include getting along with one another, working on projects together and solving a variety of problems. However, keeping your staff motivated to give their best every day, is not as simple as the remuneration they receive in exchange for their time and skills.

Team building activities are great for helping your employees reach their potential and increase their productivity. In addition, by investing in staff development, you demonstrate how much you value them too. Your workplace, however, may not be ideal as a team building venue. Choosing somewhere unfamiliar yet neutral and relaxing, levels the playing field for everyone.

What are the advantages of team building?

If you’re fortunate, your team will naturally gel together over time. However, you may not want to wait for as long as this can take to happen organically. Difficulties can arise when you have a mixture of ages, skills level and experience, as well as different cultures. Team building days are proven to help people from all walks of life understand each other and work better together.

As a business, what other value can you expect to gain from a team building day?

  • overall improved sense of staff well-being
  • improved communication
  • stronger relationships
  • enhanced productivity
  • engaged employees
  • enhanced co-operation and problem-solving
  • reduced levels of conflict

Choosing golf as a medium for team building.

Choosing a sport to play is a classic way to encourage colleagues to work together in teams and golf is excellent for that. To challenge people at the same time as bringing them together, friendly competitions can be set up between teams.

There are many games in golf other than straight stroke play. These variations to the normal game can accommodate different levels of skill, increase the speed and suit groups of 2, 3, 4 or more. Games, groups and teams can also be switched so everyone gets the chance to try something different and play against each other.

However the game is played, the day is to give your team members time to get to know each other, develop their strengths, support each other’s weaknesses and solve problems in a fun and enjoyable way.

Our venue’s team building facilities.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC has so much to offer as a team building venue apart from its outstanding championship-level 18 hole course.

Imagine holding your team building activities on any one of the world’s top 14 golf courses without stepping foot outside of Cheshire. Imagine playing whatever the weather and regardless of the time of year. Also imagine having a professional team on hand to help suggest a format for the day, the best games to play, provide tuition and assist with any prize-giving and awards at the end.

When you choose Dunham Forest Golf & CC as your team building venue, you can expect:

  • A resident golf professional and his team.
  • Use of our incredible Tee 2 Green Indoor Golf Academy.
  • Tuition, swing analysis and golf skills development.
  • Hot & cold snacks, meals and refreshments throughout the day.

Contact Dunham Forest Golf & CC for further information.

Our beautiful parkland golf course forms a stunning backdrop for your team building day in a convenient location. Located just 15 miles from Manchester’s city centre, 8 miles from Manchester airport and 5 miles from Jcn 8 of the M56, we are very easy to reach.

Our team at Dunham Forest Golf & CC is happy to help in any way we can. For further information about our team building days or to make an appointment to visit, please contact laura@dunhamforest.com or mike@dunhamforest.com or call us on 0161 928 2605.