Choosing the best time for your romantic wedding in Cheshire.

How to decide on such an important date for your romantic wedding day.

Once you’ve announced your engagement, the next item on your list will be setting a date for your wedding. Be prepared because not only is it important to you but it will be important to your family and friends too. Consequently, they will be keen to know what day to mark off on the calendar.

However, it’s not as easy as plucking a date out of thin air. Something that is going to hold such significance for you both in the years to come deserves a bit of thought. You may already have a date in mind, but, whether this is the case or not, how do you decide on the perfect date for your nuptials?

Choose a wedding date that gives you enough time to plan.

The most memorable weddings have been planned to the nth degree and this doesn’t happen overnight. Where circumstances allow, consider setting the date at least a year in advance. If you’ve chosen a special theme for your wedding, you will also need the time to:

  • guarantee venue availability
  • secure entertainment availability
  • make clothes and/or decorations
  • factor in lead times for special orders and deliveries

Not only does this give you the time to make your dream wedding a reality but it also gives guests and wedding suppliers the notice they need too.

Consider how the time of year will impact your romantic wedding day. 

The time of year you select will influence more than the type of wedding you will have as it will also impact cost and the availability of your guests. In addition, for the time of year you’ve chosen, consider the existence of:

  • school holidays or exams
  • public holidays
  • the observance of religious festivals
  • roadworks or reduced services on public transport
  • your honeymoon or mini-moon plans
  • other weddings and celebrations going on at a similar time

You can’t please everyone but you can ensure that the vast majority of the people you want at your wedding are able to attend by being mindful of the above factors.  

Setting a wedding date that combines anniversaries.

There may already be special dates that your families observe and you want to combine with your wedding date. The wedding date you choose could be a birthday or other anniversary, such as when parents or grandparents met or got married.

However, if you don’t have a special date in mind and are having trouble choosing one, think about:

  • The time when you both met.
  • The moment you both realised you loved each other.
  • The day of the proposal and engagement.
  • The date you first went away together. 

Opting for one of these times helps to make your wedding day and future anniversaries even more special.

Is your chosen wedding venue available?

We’ve already mentioned wedding venue availability but it’s worth reiterating, especially if you have a specific location in mind. To secure the date you want, giving the wedding venue as much notice as possible is a must.

Bear in mind that choosing a non-traditional day for your wedding may make it less easy for your guests to attend due to work or other commitments.  

Wedding ceremonies at Dunham Forest Golf & CC.  

Here at Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we’d be delighted if you chose us as your wedding venue. Book your chosen wedding date for exclusive use of our elegant clubhouse and hold your service and reception conveniently under one roof in beautiful Cheshire.   

Use our grounds for your photos as our verdant parkland golf course is stunning at any time of year and forms the perfect backdrop for your celebrations.

Our exceptional kitchen can cater to your wedding breakfast requirements and we have a range of menus on offer. A tailored wedding package service is also available. In addition, we are open to discussing themes and decorations, help with planning and organisation and provide a list of trusted wedding suppliers, if required.  

To discuss the availability of your wedding date in further detail, including the availability of last-minute weddings and the packages we offer, please contact or or call us on 0161 928 2605.