Saving on your Cheshire wedding venue costs

Simple wedding hacks to help you keep within your budget.

Setting the budget for your wedding is probably one of the first things you will do after getting engaged. Getting married is not inexpensive though as the average price tag in the UK today is estimated to be at least £20,000, but what can you do if your budget is limited?

Below are three simple wedding hacks designed to make savings without compromising your dream day in ways you may not have previously considered.

Look for a wedding venue that offers a range of wedding packages.

A good wedding hack is investigating wedding packages. However, many people overlook them as they assume they’ll be paying a premium. This is not the case as good wedding venues will always offer a range of packages with prices that can vary according to:

  • The time of year you choose for your wedding.
  • The time of day you choose to hold your ceremony and reception.
  • The number of guests to be catered for.

To save money, look for ‘off-peak’ wedding packages made available in the less popular times of the year. Also, consider a less popular time of day and opt for a morning ceremony with lunch or a late afternoon ceremony with a cocktail reception or evening buffet. Ask your venue for alternative suggestions.

Pre-set wedding packages. An experienced wedding venue will have already spent time creating a range of packages to suit different budgets. Most packages will include the hire of the space for your ceremony and reception plus a selection of menu options and possibly entertainment too. Depending on their level of flexibility, items may be added, subtracted or substituted, which could help you keep to your budget.

Tailored wedding packages.  Some venues offer a tailored wedding package service that also includes planning. Tailored packages can accommodate the more extravagant budgets but they can also be designed to keep costs under control. By having everything under one roof, you are taking advantage of the venue’s own resources and experience in sourcing trusted suppliers. Making use of their skill and knowledge helps you to save both time and money.

Investigate 0% APR credit cards to finance the larger purchases.

Firstly, think very carefully before getting into debt for your wedding. Today one increasingly popular wedding hack is to find one that offers 0% APR for an introductory period, which means you can spread some of the costs without having to pay interest. Using one card also provides an itemised list of all your wedding related expenditure. It also gives you a means of tracking what’s been spent where and offers a level of protection regarding refunds. Ask your bank for details, your friends for recommendations or do your research on the Internet to find the best deals.

Save money by cashing in on your own talents.

Having to outsource everything for your wedding day can be costly and that may lead you to compromise on the details for your big day. However, a good wedding hack is to cash in on your own talents – or that of family and friends – and make or provide as much for yourself as possible. For instance, any artists or crafters could make invitations and place settings, table decorations, luminaries and gifts for the wedding party. Other talented friends and family to approach for help could include:

  • dressmakers
  • bakers
  • chauffeurs
  • florists
  • DJs
  • musicians and singers

Saving money by choosing Dunham Forest Golf & CC as your wedding venue.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC is one of Cheshire’s most delightful wedding venues. We take a flexible approach to weddings and are very happy to discuss budgets that cater to your specific requirements.

To help you save money, our experienced team can assist you to prioritise and make sure what’s most important to you is included in your wedding. We can suggest less costly alternatives where necessary as well as making use of the contacts we already have to supply you with what you need.

For further information about our services or to make an appointment to visit, please contact or or call us on 0161 928 2605.