Planning your winter wedding at the best wedding venue in Cheshire.

What to consider when planning a winter wedding.

Winter is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding with the possibility of bright, crisp days and frost or snow to make your day extra special. However, as our weather is famously unpredictable, what should you take into account when planning your winter wedding?

The following is a sample of what you might like to consider in deciding whether this time of year is ideal for you to commemorate your marriage.

Make your ceremony even more romantic.

One advantage of having your wedding in winter is the quality of light there is at this time of year. With late sunrises and early sunsets, the glittering frost or snow can be captured by a creative photographer, while the colourful skies can add an extra glow or a dash of drama to the occasion.

The low but atmospheric light outside can be enhanced by the lighting you choose inside. In complimenting each other, the light would give your wedding an even more romantic feel. Consider whether traditional winter colours would be suitable for your theme and combine them with decorations with candles for an unforgettable ambience.

Other elements to consider include:

  • Choosing fun clothing that is both practical and keeps you all dry and warm.
  • Choosing seasonal hearty food and drink to celebrate.
  • Factoring in extra travel time for everyone just in case.
  • Having a ‘Plan B’ for your photographs if it’s not possible to take them outside.

Winter weddings can be much more affordable.

Generally speaking, winter weddings are cheaper simply because they are less popular than spring or summer events. In addition, many couples choose to have shorter celebrations, keeping them to daytime only to allow people to travel comfortably during the lighter hours.

Consider choosing the winter months to hold your wedding if you want to economise without skimping on the quality of the experience or the atmosphere you want to create.

Holding your ceremony and reception at the best wedding venue in Cheshire – Dunham Forest Golf & CC.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC is situated in the heart of Cheshire’s captivating countryside. Our facilities include the perfect space to hold your ceremony combined with our luxuriously warm and inviting dining room for your reception.

Keeping everything under one roof makes sense when you opt to have your wedding in winter. This is where DFG&CC can really excel as we can offer the convenience of:

  • A cosy and warm location while it blows a gale outside.
  • Avoiding having to transport guests between separate venues.
  • Having our team on hand to cater exclusively to your wedding on the day.

Regardless of the weather, the surroundings we offer make a warmly welcoming space to make your wedding as memorable as possible. The weather won’t spoil your day at Dunham Forest Golf & CC!

For more information on our winter wedding availability or to book an appointment to visit our venue, contact us on 0161 928 2605 or email