Planning a luxury Cheshire wedding reception 

Your wedding reception sequence is the order in which you intend to perform your luxury wedding formalities. Here, the key is to look at the order of when you want to do things rather than focusing solely on timing, as this will ensure the vibe of your wedding doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Canapés and guests finding their seat

Your guests will be busy trying to find their seat and get nibbles while you’re getting your photos done. This is where your reception really starts.

Your grand entrance

Your guests should all be in their seats by the time you enter the reception. This is the time to set the mood for your luxury reception!

The first round of speeches

Make sure the people who are speaking first are going to have shorter more fun speeches. This could be the perfect place for the Best Man and/or Maid of Honour to speak. This will keep the mood up while transitioning into the formal setting of speeches and a seated dinner.


Serve the entrées once your first round of speeches are finished. Ideally, you want to avoid any food being served or eaten during speeches. There’s nothing worse than the consistent sound of knives and forks clicking while your Dad is presenting his speech. Make sure the tables have been cleared before your next round of speeches start.

The second round of speeches

This is a great time to take the second speech if you only have two. Or if you’re onto your third and fourth speech, you want to be doing them here. This is a natural formal setting while you’re waiting for the mains to be served so it’s perfect for the more serious speeches, such as those being done by your parents.

Main course

Set the mood with upbeat music, making sure it’s not too loud to drown out conversation. This is the time to start building your guests up for the party aspect of the night now your speeches are over.

Cutting your cake

Set up your formal cake cutting once mains are all cleared. This is also a great time to do your thank you speech if you haven’t already.

Your first dance

Take to the dancefloor for your first dance! This puts less pressure on you by bringing all your formalities into one part of the evening. It also helps kickstart the dancing portion of your evening for your guests.

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