Making your luxury Cheshire wedding ethical & sustainable

Ideas for a sustainable but luxury wedding

When it comes to finding sustainable wedding ideas, where do you even start?

There are so many simple tweaks you can make to ensure that your big day is more eco-conscious and there are some sustainable wedding ideas that are so easy to make a reality.

A wedding – one of the biggest events in most people’s lives – is no different. It’s a one-off occasion, so by its very nature can lead to lots of things being bought, booked and used that will never be used again.

From your engagement and wedding ring, to your choice of location, dress and decorations, it’s crucial that we start to look to sustainable alternatives in order to ensure the happiest days of our lives aren’t having a detrimental impact on our environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sustainable wedding ideas…

Buy Fairtrade or recycled wedding rings

Did you know that producing a wedding ring from gold can create up to twenty tonnes of waste? With this in mind, it’s really important that you look to have your wedding ring made from either Fairtrade or recycled gold or platinum.

A recycled wedding ring lessens the need for newly mined metals, so reduces the environmentally damaging effects of mining practices. It’s a common misconception that opting for a recycled wedding ring will mean compromising on quality or style. In fact, recycled gold and platinum are of identical quality to (and therefore completely indistinguishable from) newly mined metals.

Host your wedding locally

Ditch the idea of a destination wedding that relies on flying and driving – resulting in soaring CO2 emissions – and host it closer to home. Take a look at your guest list and go for a destination that requires shorter travel times for all guests, as well as somewhere that is accessible via public transport, or even better, by foot.

Source a vintage wedding dress

Sourcing a vintage or second-hand dress is not only stylish and totally unique but also more sustainable. This reduces the need to manufacture new clothes, so saves energy, resources and waste; from the moment it goes into production, to the moment it’s shipped. While you’re at it, why not ask the bridal party to look second-hand, too? However, if your heart is set on a brand new dress, look for an ethical bridal brand.

Create seasonal floral arrangements

Great alternatives to wedding flowers include potted herbs and plants, or foliage. However, if you’re keen to keep the flowers around, then opt for a seasonal floral arrangement that’s dictated by what’s available at the time, rather than flowers that need to be shipped internationally. Ask your florist to source only local flowers in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

Avoid single-use decorations

Do away with single use decorations such as confetti. There are plenty of alternatives, such as biodegradable confetti, recycled confetti or dried flower petals. Try to source recycled or reusable wedding decorations, too, including glassware and hanging ornaments made of fabric. Lots of decorations can be hired or bought second hand, and if they’re still in good condition once your special day is over consider selling them, donating them or re-purposing them for your home.

Opt for sustainable wedding favours

Wedding favours are a great opportunity to encourage your guests to get on board with your ethical principles. Make a small donation on behalf of your guests to a charity or organisation dedicated to helping the environment or provide your guests with a packet of seeds. Think flowers, plants or even produce. Your guest can take their gift home and plant it in the garden, enticing wildlife.


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