How to run a successful conference – Our Top Tips

Here at Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club we have held many conferences, seminars and team building events throughout the years. We understand that whilst target markets and audiences may differ the reasons why you’re organising the event is to share knowledge and to make new business via networking.  

So how do you hold a successful event? Read our top tips below: 


  1. Have a catchy unique brand for your event:

Firstly, outline the objectives of the event. Once these are finalised you can then market your event. This needs to be through strong, eye catching branding which will stand out to your target market. People will recall the branding with the quality of the conference and your identity has been made for future events. 


  1. Like Phil and Kirsty say it’s all about “Location, Location, Location”:

The location and in particular the venue can make or break your event. Find a venue that easily located near to town or city centres, motorway and rail links for ease of access. Then look at the venue online and research it to make sure it suits your conference. Ideally visit the venue before booking to get the look and feel of the location and speak to the management and staff to ensure all your needs will be catered for.  


  1. Calculate a budget and stick to it

Conferences can be expensive, so it’s important to be aware of all of your costs. This could include things like venue & room hire, website advertising, promotional literature, insurance, speakers, food & drink, audio-visual equipment, etc. You should think of any potential income generated by the event such as sponsorship.  

  1. Choose your speakers carefully

Know your audience and ensure that your speakers are knowledgeable about the event’s subject matter. While star power has the pull power, having the wrong choice of speaker will only cause the opposite effect and you will lose momentum. Find speakers with motivational qualities and has a good reputation of keeping people interest in the subject being discussed. This will increase the integrity of your event. 

  1. Social Media

Your conference is just one part of your objective; but how are you going to market your event? Online presence before and after the big day is a must and can help create a “buzz” that will boost brand power.  Email your attendees an online poll or a survey to help develop your vision and get people talking. Use social media to keep the discussions alive, once the conference has finished. 

  1. Feedback is essential

Finally, how can your participants evaluate the conference? Ask them by giving them access to online surveys, having a staff meeting, or providing a suggestion box located at the event. This insight will provide you with invaluable information to help you run successful conferences time and time again.