Essential guide to hiring a DJ for your luxury Cheshire wedding venue

There’s no party without music, and if you’re hiring a DJ for your Cheshire wedding then there are a few things you might want to consider.

Bedroom DJ vs Professional

There’s an enormous difference between hiring a professional DJ and asking a friend to help out. If budget is less of an issue then the professional route makes far more sense, after all professional wedding DJs are used to having to prepare for and deal with all the unique details a wedding requires. Good DJs book up months in advance so research and book your DJ as soon as possible.

Wedding DJ Costs

The saying goes – you get what you pay for, so don’t expect a great service for nothing. Remember guests tend to remember weddings based on the reception and how much fun it was – so instead of looking at things in terms of cost, consider how much value a professional will add. When discussing the cost, find out exactly what is included and that the price covers all equipment. You’ll need to let the DJ know the size of the party to ensure they have the proper equipment – this might mean an extra cost if they have to hire extra gear.

DJ Presentation

You will want to choose a DJ who’s well presented, professional, experienced and respectful. Pay attention to their website even down to the grammatical errors. This might seem a bit extreme, but a DJ who pays attention to detail shouldn’t let any errors slip through. Visit their Facebook and Instagram profiles to see shots of the parties they have played – as this will give you a sense of what they can offer and if what they say is true.

Wedding Experience

While a DJ might have a lot of experience with parties, they may not have any wedding party experience so this is something you should check. An experienced wedding DJ will be familiar with reception formalities and will recognise the ideal song to set the right mood for each part.

Your music preferences

A good DJ will always ask about some songs you both like in order to become familiar with your tastes and preferences. While a DJ is there to lead the party, it’s important to choose someone who cares about your tastes and is open and happy to take your requests.

Engaging Guests

Each DJ will have their own style, some will announce songs and chat between tracks, others will say nothing. Be careful about making it clear exactly what you what – too much in-between track talking might not suit your event.

What’s the Backup Plan?

A good DJ should always have a plan B covering themselves and their equipment – for example, what will happen in the event of damaged gear before the event or the DJ falls ill? Check if they have plans for a replacement.


If your venue requires suppliers to have their own insurance, check that your DJ has Public Liability cover and this will also ensure your guests are covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


Busy DJ’s often request a deposit to secure the date on their calendars, which is often non-refundable. They are also likely to ask for the balance to paid before-hand as collecting payments at a reception is not the best way as an established professional.

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