Guide to luxury photography at your romantic wedding venue in Cheshire

A luxury wedding is an amazing way for a couple to show their love for one another, and while also splurging on a luxurious setting it’s important to consider the photography to ensure you perfectly capture the day.

So, what makes wedding photography luxury?

How does luxury wedding photography differ from traditional wedding photography? It’s all about the style your photos are captured in, how the moments are captured, and the equipment used.

Luxury wedding photography comes down to how a photographer makes you feel on your big day. You want your photography to make you feel luxurious, like royalty. This can be achieved by focusing on the luxurious elements that you have already included in your big day, such as the decor and transport. In addition, backlit images at night can be a great way to show the importance of you as a couple while also capturing the luxury.

Choosing luxury wedding photography.

If you’re someone who wants to look back at your wedding photos and remember the feeling of elegance, or you’re someone who’s excited at the thought of a photographer being with you all day, then a luxury photographer is a great option. However, be aware that if you don’t have any luxury elements in your actual wedding, then your luxury photography might be a bit lacking.

That said, with a few elegant elements such as your dress, ring and flowers, a good luxury wedding photographer will be able to take these everyday wedding items and create something magical from them.

What questions should you ask a luxury photographer?

To make sure that your photographer has the right skill set, you should ask them questions about the sort of equipment they use to make their photos luxury. Not in terms of what sort of cameras they might have, but in terms of the props.

We suggest asking your photographer the following to help make sure they can capture your luxury vision:

  • How would you make us feel luxurious on our wedding day?
  • What sort of poses are the best for luxury wedding photos?
  • How do you capture different luxury elements?
  • What sort of lighting features do you use for luxury images?

These answers will help show how experienced your photographer is in this style.

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