Golf venue hire Cheshire – it’s great for business.

Dunham Forest golf club venue hire – benefits of holding meetings away from work.

It may sound counter-intuitive to take time out from work and spend money on an external meeting room, however, the results speak for themselves. Today, many businesses routinely hold work-related meetings offsite, especially when the outcome is of vital importance to the business.

But, if you’d be breaking new ground with having colleagues step away from their desks for a day or two to discuss a project or issue, you could be forgiven for questioning the wisdom. Below are just a few reasons why an offsite meeting could be good for your business.  

Offsite meetings aid problem-solving.

Have you ever had the experience of sitting staring at your computer and feeling stuck, only to find the second you get up and move around something different occurs to you? That’s exactly what happens when you invite your colleagues to a business meeting somewhere fresh and new away from work. Colleagues can be expected to be in a better frame of mind simply because they are out of the office, consequently, they not only feel better but think better too. Other benefits include:

  • increased levels of attention and focus
  • decreased opportunity for the usual distractions from phone call and emails
  • increased levels of relaxation and creativity
  • better problem solving
  • opportunity for better communication and collaboration
  • smooth and efficient running of the meeting

What to bear in mind for your offsite meeting to be successful.

Be clear about the outcome for your meeting. When making your decision to hold your meeting away from work, bear in mind what you want to achieve. This is important as the business is spending money for you and your colleagues to be out of the office and you’ll need a way of knowing that its vital resources haven’t been wasted. Ask yourself about why the meeting is needed in the first place and how you will know there’s been a successful outcome.

Schedule in enough breaks. Pay attention to your schedule and factor in time for lots of breaks and refreshments. Pausing often helps people ‘reset’ and hydration improves concentration. Also, incorporate activities into the day that encourage your team to relax and collaborate. The meeting room venue you choose will play a vital role in either offering suitable activities or simply providing a beautiful space for your attendees to breathe and de-stress. 

What is included in the cost? This is crucial to cover when selecting a meeting room venue to book. Therefore, be clear about what’s required throughout the day. Factor in whether you’ll need to approach an external supplier to hire any specialist equipment and whether your venue can assist with this. Also, consult your meeting room venue about the supply of refreshments and food. Ask them for sample menus and the costs per person or whether outside caterers will have to be brought in.    

Ease of access. Bear in mind that your attendees may be travelling from different parts of the country or even abroad so it’s important that you select a venue for your meeting that is within easy reach of transport links and has ample parking for those arriving by car.

To make sure everyone is prepared, ask your venue for a link to their website map and directions and include this with the agenda you send to your attendees, pre-meeting.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC venue hire Cheshire.    

By choosing Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we can offer you so much more than a meeting room. As one of Cheshire’s top golf courses we can offer character and personality along with a beautiful location that is perfect to inspire your guests and help them let go of stress. Indoor and outdoor golf activities can be included to bring colleagues together, help them to feel more relaxed and stimulate creativity.

We also have an excellent kitchen, and will be delighted to keep your attendees refreshed as and when required with the provision of hot or cold breakfasts, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner as per your budget.

At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we will do everything possible to ensure your offsite meeting has a successful outcome.

For further details or to arrange a time to visit us, please contact or or call us on 0161 928 2605