10 essential questions for your exclusive wedding venue.

What to ask when booking an ‘exclusive’ wedding venue.

After the thrill of becoming engaged, your thoughts naturally turn to finding an exclusive wedding venue to make your special day truly memorable. You may already have an idea of what you are looking for, but what do you need to know before making your selection?

1.     ‘Exclusive Wedding Venue’ – what does ‘exclusive’ actually mean?

Exclusive can mean different things to different people – it might mean a high-end backdrop for your wedding or simply a location that hosts one wedding at a time. Before you make your choice, it’s crucial to find out what ‘exclusive’ actually means, as a misunderstanding could impact the success of your big day.

  • Finding an exclusive location AND being the only wedding on the day doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, as at Dunham Forest Golf & CC we offer both. Ours is an upmarket and stunning location where we host just one wedding at a time.
  • We are solely devoted to taking care of you and your guests and are 100% dedicated to making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

2.     Does the venue hold a license for weddings?

Today, weddings can be held just about anywhere as long as an appropriate license is held. You might choose to hold your ceremony in one location and travel elsewhere for the reception, or you may choose a venue where you can get married and hold the reception afterwards.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC – which is one of Cheshire’s best wedding venues, we are licensed for civil ceremonies and can offer you the convenience of holding your service and reception all under one roof.

3.     Are wedding packages available?

Coordinating all the details of your wedding can be complex and opting for a ready-made wedding package could simplify the process.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we have a variety of very attractive wedding packages; however, if you want something with your own unique twist we can also provide a bespoke wedding service.

4.     Will there be a wedding planner on hand?

For brides and grooms, taking on the responsibility of all the planning can be stressful. There are many details to consider and sometimes an important aspect can be missed simply because there is so much to organise. A wedding planning service can be invaluable as it ensures nothing is overlooked.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, our experienced wedding team can help you with any aspect of planning.
  • We will support you in any way you need to ensure you are free to relax and enjoy your wedding day without fretting over the details.

5.     Can the venue accommodate your guest list?

Whether you are thinking of celebrating your marriage with an intimate gathering or having a much grander affair, the obvious question is how many people can your chosen venue hold? Asking this question early on is crucial to avoid wasting time considering a venue that turns out to be.

  • At Dunham Golf & CC, we offer complete flexibility – whether your request is for an intimate day or something grand we can accommodate your request.
  • If you wish your ceremony and reception to be in our classic indoor areas or a marquee in our grounds – or both – we’ll be more than happy to discuss this with you.

6.     Can timings be flexible?

Even with meticulous planning, weddings timings can often run over. A number of factors can affect this such as delays due to traffic or the weather, photos taking longer than anticipated or the length or number of speeches etc. Consequently, it’s very important to choose a venue that’s flexible when it comes to timings and contingencies in place.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we are highly flexible and can cope with any unexpected changes that occur.

7.     How will your wedding breakfast be catered?

Another question to consider is about the wedding breakfast itself. Are you considering opting for a venue with in-house catering or having an outside supplier?

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we can offer a wide range of exciting and exceptional cuisines to accommodate your budget.
  • We can design a menu specifically for you, including themes and/or taking dietary requirements into account, or we can work with our preferred outside Kosher caterers and other religious caterers of your choice.

8.     Will you be given a dedicated point of contact?

Even if you think you have ticked everything off your list, more jobs and questions are bound to arise as your wedding day approaches. Knowing you will have a single point of contact will be essential leading up to and on your big day.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we make sure that we offer an experienced and dedicated point of contact to ensure the smooth running of your day.

9.     Is a recommended list of suppliers available?

Most wedding venues will have a list of preferred suppliers they have worked with previously.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we will be delighted to provide the finishing touches to your day. In addition, if you require overnight accommodation for your guests, our list includes a number of B&Bs and hotels in the area.

10. How do you make a booking?

Most wedding venue research now starts on the internet, with the majority automating the process with a standard form to fill in and submit.

  • At Dunham Forest Golf & CC, our approach is much more personal. We prefer to talk to our prospective wedding parties to discuss the details of their special day.

To discuss venue availability, pricing and your wedding day requirements please call us 0161 928 2605 or email mike@dunhamforest.com.