Dream wedding day themes

A guide to planning a signature wedding celebration.

To make your wedding day truly your own, you’ll want to think about how to put your own stamp on the celebrations. Many couples do this with a theme.

The advantage of this is twofold as not only will the occasion be an amazing one for you and your guests but it also simplifies the wedding planning. Once you’ve chosen a theme, all the other decisions to do with the style of dress for everyone, decorations, food, music and entertainment effortlessly fall into place.

But how do you choose a signature wedding theme? We’ve put together a simple guide to help spark your imaginations and make planning your dream wedding day a little easier.

Choose a wedding theme based on your interests.

To begin choosing a theme, start with how and where you both met. Draw inspiration from your dates together, the places you’ve been and vowed to return to and the food you ate that you both enjoyed. Think about the music you both listened to and loved and the types of activities you did, like going to the theatre, playing crazy golf or making pizzas, for example.

Perhaps there’s a special song, a movie or a hobby that has brought you both together that could build the theme around. Your interests may point to an era in time such as Victorian or 1940s or even something futuristic. Choosing a theme that reflects your interests can be a fun way of involving all your guests and making the occasion unforgettable – especially if that means fancy-dress!

Let the time of year ‘choose’ your wedding theme.

The date you select for your wedding is always going to be special to you both, but it could also guide you when it comes having a theme.

Spring and summer weddings are lively and vibrant. At these times of the year, you could draw on festivals for inspiration, local events, like markets, carnivals and May Day fairs, or family traditions, such as an annual trip to the seaside. These themes can mean eating less traditional wedding feasts in favour of something informal like fish and chips, street food and ice-cream.

Autumn weddings can be stunningly colourful. Choose a theme dedicated to harvest and decorate your venue with an abundance of seasonal fruits, flowers and leaves.  Your wedding breakfast menu could also reflect this time of year with the inclusion of game or roasts. If you’re having your wedding in winter, you could really go to town on the ‘white wedding’ theme and decorate with silver and crystals and create a cosy glow by lighting candles.

Your venue could be your wedding theme.

The location you choose to get married could also guide you when it comes to a theme. Ideally, your venue will add to your theme selection in two ways:

  • It will act as the theme itself for your wedding.
  • It will act as a blank canvas on which to create your wedding theme.

The type of venue you’ve chosen could mean your wedding will have a very traditional theme, like a country manor or stately home. It may be that you choose somewhere that is less formal and that serves as a relaxed space for your friends and family to celebrate with you.

A venue that is more neutral means you could dress it to be chic and glamorous, classically elegant and stylish, decorated to a specific era or could act as a fantastic backdrop for something more fancy-dress.

Here at Dunham Forest Golf & CC, we take a flexible approach to themes and pride ourselves on our adaptability. Obviously, there’s golf and that makes a really fun theme where we can pull out all the stops for you, if that’s an interest you both share. But you don’t have to be restricted to that as there can do so much more done with our location.

Why not contact our wedding planning team to discuss your ideas? We can advise you on weddings we’ve held here before and discuss your ideas about layout, menus and decoration. We’re more than happy to help in any way we can.

To make an enquiry please contact laura@dunhamforest.com or mike@dunhamforest.com or call us on 0161 928 2605.