Creating the ultimate traditional country wedding.

Making your country wedding an unforgettable experience.

The day two people decide to formally commit themselves to each other in front of friends and family is an extremely important one. As a result, couples quite rightly put a lot of thought into the kind of wedding they want. A very popular approach to beginning married life is with a no-expense-spared celebration in the form of a traditionally themed country wedding with all the trimmings.

If this is your idea of a dream day, the traditions you include will depend on your particular culture. You may want to ask each other’s families for their input and help in creating your joint vision. But what else is involved in holding the ultimate in traditional country weddings?

Deciding where you should hold your country wedding ceremony.

With traditional weddings, you’ll want to incorporate as much of your cultural rituals as possible. This could mean holding the ceremony of your wedding in a place of worship or another place of religious or cultural significance. Elements to include in the ceremony itself would be centered on the readings, songs and prayers along with who officiates overall.

If your wedding will be the combination of two different cultures, you might want to decide on a suitable neutral venue and incorporate aspects of your respective traditions to create a ceremony unique but representative of both your lives.

Selecting the venue for your traditional country wedding reception.

The ultimate in traditional country wedding receptions will be held in a stunning location, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. The photographs taken with such a backdrop will contribute to an unforgettable day.

The venue should be sizeable with a combination of stylish indoor and outdoor space and should be adaptable enough to accommodate your traditions and customs.

The practicalities to think about include:

  • The distance from the ceremonial venue and time to travel from one to the other.
  • The transportation between venues for you and your guests.
  • The size of the reception venue and ability to cater for and entertain your large guest list.
  • Bringing in musicians to play traditional music.
  • The size of the reception rooms to accommodate the performance of traditional games, dances and customs.
  • Find out what catering services the venue can offer.
  • Transportation between the reception venue and your guests’ hotels.

Popular traditions to think about including in your country wedding.

Going the traditional route will affect all of your choices to with dress code, for instance. The invitations you send out should include information about how your guests should dress, which could be full dress uniform, black tie or costumes that are customarily worn, for example.

You’ll want to decide on the type and colour of flowers you have, as they may have cultural significance, how many bridesmaids there are and, of course, the type of wedding dress and grooms-wear that will be worn.

Tradition often dictates that the bride and groom do not to see each other before the ceremony.  A question to ask yourselves will be where you’ll both be staying beforehand and how you will arrive for the ceremony.

Finally, most wedding traditions include the giving and receiving of a ring or for one or both of you. Your culture may dictate these should be of a particular type and colour of gold or that a family heirloom is used.

Choosing Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club for your traditional country wedding.

Located in the heart of Cheshire’s breathtaking countryside, DFG&CC can offer stylish surroundings that will compliment any wedding. Arrive in style by horse-drawn carriage, limousine or helicopter and celebrate with your guests in our capacious dining room.

At Dunham Forest Golf & CC we are fully licensed to hold civil marriage ceremonies. After your ceremony you can celebrate with your guests in our beautiful forest and parkland setting.

Our experienced and dedicated team are here to help you with all your wedding planning and preparation.

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