Creating the perfect Indian wedding

Finding the right wedding venue for the important occasion of your marriage.

Regardless of the religion or culture, a marriage is a momentous occasion for any couple to celebrate.  An Indian wedding is especially so as it’s a fantastically vibrant spectacle that can be a combination of many guests, vivid colour, fresh flowers, opulent clothing and jewelry, fire and water, lively music to dance to and sweet treats to eat.

The rituals observed go much further than just recognising the commitment two people make to each other. They are designed to bless the couple, bring health, wealth and children as well as commemorate the new and enduring connection between two families.

Observing different traditional Indian wedding customs.

The customs observed in traditional Indian weddings can vary depending on which part of the country your family is from, but they can all be lengthy affairs. Consequently, you’ll need a venue that is flexible enough to meet these different requirements.

Gujarati weddings, for instance, have many traditional parts to them that are carried out in the days prior to the ceremony, on the day and afterward. These customs are intended to introduce the families and to cement the connection. Sikh, Hindu and Islamic traditions also include meeting each other’s families with the men and women holding their own parties and performing significant roles.

On the day, the marriage ceremonies themselves can last over one and a half hours. The various traditions followed can include the couple sitting on thrones to be presented to the guests, facing in a certain direction or walking a specific number of steps. Some traditions also include the binding together of hands in addition to the playing of music or the saying of prayers to bring happiness and life-long friendship. A lavish feast for the many guests normally follows with music and dancing long into the night.

Traditional Indian Weddings at Dunham Forest Golf & CC.

Your traditional Indian wedding could involve accommodating large amounts of people over a number of days. Consequently, you’ll need a venue that can satisfy requirements that can be quite complex. At Dunham Forest Golf & CC we offer the exclusive pre and post-wedding use of our adaptable, beautiful and spacious surroundings. This means our venue can be dedicated solely to you and your celebrations for the time you need it.

An Indian wedding observes the religious traditions that solemnises the marriage of two people. However, the ceremonies themselves are not recognised as legally binding in UK law. Consequently, the bride and groom must also have a civil ceremony performed by a registrar.

As Dunham Forest Golf & CC is a recognised wedding venue in Cheshire, this is not a problem. In choosing us, you will be able to hold your civil ceremony as well as observe the traditional wedding customs of your faith, conveniently in one single location.

We can also offer:

  • An elegant clubhouse setting with beautiful grounds.
  • The provision of experienced and professional assistance with the planning of your wedding.
  • A list of wedding suppliers for flowers, photography and transport, etc.
  • The exclusive use of our venue for your wedding celebrations on the day(s).
  • The availability of our team throughout your celebrations to support your needs.
  • In-house catering as per your requirements.

Find out about the availability of any dates you may have already chosen for your wedding ceremony by emailing or Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 928 2605 to request further information or to make an appointment to visit us.