Why Host a Corporate Golf Day?

The business benefits of corporate golf days out.

Over the years Dunham Forest Golf & CC company golf days have proved very popular. On the surface, they might appear to be just a great day out for existing or potential customers – but more than that, they can be extremely good for business.

There are many compelling reasons to invest time organising a company golf day out.

Corporate golf days can improve business relationships

Away from the office, both you and your clients are much more relaxed. Conversation can flow naturally as you discuss golf course challenges, your handicap, the great shots you’ve played or the not-so-great shots you’ve played. You will find that spending a few hours playing golf with customers can enable you to quickly form strong bonds to:

  • improve your client rapport
  • develop a better understanding of how you can best work together

Common ground can be established around the level of skill you have – or the level of frustration you share! This can be great for business as you can learn so much more about your clients in an unforced way.

Corporate golf days can increase business prospects

Inviting potential, new or existing clients to your corporate golf day can provide an opportunity to sell. When guests accept your invitation, they are also accepting becoming your captive audience for the day.

However, you need to strike a balance though, as you don’t want to overwhelm your invitees with a 5-hour long sales-pitch! The day should focus on the fun and challenge of the game, and business talk should occur naturally as you play or even during a presentation at the end.

Corporate golf days can relieve stress

Being outdoors, walking and being close to nature are proven methods of reducing stress. Choosing to hold your day out on our wonderful parkland championship course fulfils all of those requirements. Not only can it help you with your stress levels it can also help the health and well-being of your clients too.

Corporate golf days can help cement your brand

A successful company golf day can do wonders for your brand and reputation. However, proper organisation and attention to detail is essential – you need to send the right message as to how you approach business – consider:

  • reinforcing your business values with logos and hole sponsorship
  • providing food, including accommodating any special dietary requirements
  • running competitions
  • prize giving
  • the involvement of the resident professional

At Dunham Forest Goff & CC, we have a wealth of experience in supporting businesses and are the Cheshire golf course of choice for corporate days out.

Contact Mike on 0161 928 2605 or email mike@dunhamforest.com for details of our company golf day packages or to arrange a tour of the club.