Corporate golf days – you’re impressing clients

Ensuring the success of your golf day out.

People in business are used to behaving professionally. This can sometimes mean they are formal and guarded, which makes them hard to get to know and develop your relationship with them. The answer would be to meet with them away from work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. However, if you don’t plan and choose your event carefully, this can have its pitfalls as whatever you choose has to reflect well on you and your business.

Planning a corporate golf day out is the perfect solution to impressing and building stronger relationships with your clients. Below is everything you need to know to make your corporate golf day an amazing and memorable experience.

Give yourself plenty of time to research and plan your corporate golf day.

If you want your corporate golf day to be successful, there’s more to it than booking some tee times on the course nearest to you. Give yourself enough time to find out more about the game of golf itself along with what different courses can offer. This will be helpful when it comes to scheduling the activities for the day and giving your clients the best experience possible.

Choosing the best golf club course.

Which course you choose for your event will depend on five different factors:

  • The age and experience level of your clients.
  • The availability of a golf professional at the course.
  • The availability of alternative activities in case of inclement weather.
  • The total cost including equipment hire, meals, refreshments and post-golf entertainment.      
  • The location of the course and its accessibility.  

Golf courses can be easy or challenging. Choose one that can accommodate a varied level of skills so that none of your clients feel left out on the day.

Choose a golf course that has a resident golf professional. You can benefit from their expert knowledge of the game, which will be helpful when it comes to planning activities to ensure a successful outcome for your day. There is so much more to golf than straight stroke play and incorporating different ways to play helps with the networking aspect of the event. In addition, different games are both fun and interesting for your participants and inject a healthy level of competition.

Consider whether you want to be restricted to holding your corporate golf day during the summer months. While golf is a game best played in fine weather, that can’t be guaranteed in the UK at any time of year. Look for a course that can offer covered or indoor facilities too as this will keep everyone happy if it’s cold and wet outside.

Obviously, you’ll have a budget to work to so you’ll want to consider everything that’s included in the cost. Anticipate your clients’ needs and find out whether the course hires clubs, golf trolleys and buggies for on-course transportation. For refreshments and meals, ask for sample menus ahead of time and find out if your clients’ have any dietary requirements.

Finally, before you make your selection, consider where your clients will be travelling from and how easy the course is to get to. The last thing you want is to start with a bad impression because it was hard for your clients to find. 

Putting in the effort beforehand demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness that will pay dividends on the day. As a result, your clients will feel extremely well looked after.

Why choose Dunham Forest Golf & CC for your corporate golf days out.

Dunham Forest Golf & CC is one of Cheshire’s top courses and is an excellent venue for your corporate golf days. Not only do we have a championship level 18-hole course to challenge your players, but we also have a range of other facilities that are geared towards ensuring the success of your event.

For instance, our Tee 2 Green Golf Academy is an indoor facility that is ideal for corporate events. We have three bays that are equipped with GC2 launch monitors that, combined with the outstanding video technology, help you play on any one of the world’s top 14 courses like you are really there. 

Our other facilities include:

  • Our golf professional, Paul Dennis.
  • A fully stocked pro-shop with equipment to hire.  
  • The facility to sponsor holes and display your marketing materials indoors or outdoors.
  • A kitchen that serves exceptional food and refreshments.
  • A convenient location close to Manchester, M56 motorway and airport.     

We pride ourselves on the level of service we give and understand that making the right impression is a crucial factor in how your clients will see you. Our team makes every effort to guarantee a day that runs smoothly and is both amazing and memorable for all the right reasons.

For further information on available dates and planning your corporate golf day event, please contact or or call us on 0161 928 2605.