Cheshire Christmas party event venue

For some people, the works Christmas party is the highlight of the year, but as anyone who has been involved in organising a Christmas do will tell you – a straightforward task can easily turn into a headache!

Tips for organising a works Christmas party

Don’t hold it in your office building

There are a number of reasons not to hold a Christmas party in your office – not least, if you choose a venue then no one has to worry about cleaning up ready for work the next day.

Nominate one person
It can be tempting to enlist some help, but things soon get confusing when you lose track of who’s doing what, therefore stick to one organiser.

Identify dates
Before phoning around venues, check everyone’s availability so you can enquire about specific dates.

Gather menu choices
If your venue offers a menu choice, they’ll need to know what people will be eating ahead of time. Put everyone’s choices on a spreadsheet and bring it with you on the night.

Dietary requirements
Remember to ask colleagues if they have any special dietary requirements and let your venue know to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable meal.

Book your taxis
You’ve had a fantastic night, you’re full of festive cheer, then the evening comes to an end and you realise you haven’t thought about how you’re getting home, so the advice is book any taxis in advance!

Have Enough Space for Everyone and Everything You Want to Do

Decide what you’re going to do for your Christmas party and then determine how much space you need based on the activities. Consider – do you want a sit down meal or buffet and do you want to have games and dancing as you’ll need to consider these factors when making your venue choice.

Have fun but remember who you’re with
Christmas parties are great for team building but remember that you’re still with colleagues. Let your hair down but remember that everyone has a camera with them these days!

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